Pinar Yoldas: Trapped in our Umwelt. Expanding Ecological Empathy through Art and Design


Drinking water from a plastic bottle kills a marine bird somewhere, buying tomatoes grown in a greenhouse murders a whale. Causality, the relation between cause and effect, is the brain’s way of organizing data and we are hardwired to perceive causality. In the age of the Anthropocene, causality is broken. In this talk, Pinar Yoldas will present the Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for GovernanceGlobal Warming Hot Yoga Studio, an Ecosystem of Excess and other artworks as case studies to approach causality, imperceptibility, and the Anthropocene as a problem of aesthetics.

Dr. Pinar Yoldas

is an infradisciplinary architect/researcher. Her work develops within biological sciences and digital technologies through architectural installations, kinetic sculpture, sound, video and drawing with a focus on post-humanism, eco-nihilism, Anthropocene and feminist technoscience. She holds a Ph.D. from Duke University where she was affiliated with Duke Institute of Brain Sciences and Media Arts and Sciences. She holds a Bachelors of Architecture from Middle East Technical University, a Master of Arts from Bilgi University, a Master of Science from Istanbul Technical University and a Master of Fine Arts from University of California, Los Angeles. Pinar is a Guggenheim fellow and a professor at UC San Diego. She was a child painter who had her first solo exhibition at the ripe age of five and a medallist in Chemistry Olympics.