Anna Weissenfels


Anna Weißenfels creates performances, sound art and multimedia artworks. Studies of dance and choreography (ARTEZ Arnhem, 2007), recently also alternative medicine (2015-17). Musical education in piano, voice and choral work as well as advanced training for voice anthropology (UDK Berlin, 2011). Her practice deals with different modes of connectivity and collaboration through of self-organization. Her work translates life experience into representative elements, creating surprising analogies. 

So far she has done installative solo performances, multimedia artworks in collaboration with Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez, Youness Atbane and Lauren Strom-Berg as well as choreographic experiments through the initiative VOLK TANZ TRUPPE with Frauke Gerhard. Research in the fields of voice and movement as the initiator of the Moving Choir Berlin, in collaboration with Ulrike Sowodniok and as a member of the A-cappella-Vocalquintett Ensemble Medulla. Developed the body therapy and teaching method mybodyknows - based on the individual knowledge and memory of the body. Recently she initiated the WORRIERS, a cooperative game combining site-specific performance with principles of computer games and survival training - a project with Tom Timmerhoff in collaboration with schloss bröllin e.V. and teatr brama.

Publications in: 
Artikel in info dienst - Das Magazin für kulturelle Bildung / Digitale Spielräume