Gohar Dashti


Gohar Dashti is a highly acclaimed Iranian-American artist who has made significant contributions to the field of photography. She received her M.A. in photography from the Tehran University of Art in 2005 and has been making large-scale photography for the past 18 years, with a particular focus on social issues. Dashti's work references history and contemporary culture and employs a unique, quasi-theatrical aesthetic that combines anthropological and sociological perspectives to illuminate and elaborate upon her perception of the world around her.

In her most recent works, Dashti has explored, through her highly stylized, densely poetic observations of human and plant-life, the innate kinship between the natural world and human migrations. Fascinated with human-geographical narratives and their interconnection to her own personal experiences, Gohar Dashti believes that nature is what connects her to the multiple meanings of ‘home’ and ‘displacement’, both as conceptual abstractions, and as concrete realities that delineate and contour our existence. The result is a series of quirky landscapes and portraits, as lush as they are arch, inciting questions about the immense, variegated, border-eschewing reach of nature – immune to cultural and political divisions – and the ways in which immigrants inevitably search out and reconstruct familiar topographies in a new, ostensibly foreign land.


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Students will have the opportunity to receive guidance on their projects through personal and group discussions.