Neue Publikation: No-Win Situation

No-Win Situation / Hrsg. Erik Anton Reinhardt; Maxim Tur. – Berlin: Verlag der Univ. der Künste Berlin, 2021, Text engl., überw. Ill., 128 S., ISBN 978-3-89462-372-2 (Druck), 978-3-89462-373-9 (pdf), Best.-Nr. 0714, 15,00 €

No-Win Situation is an interdisciplinary exhibition from May 14th to 16th 2021 in the Treptower Ateliers. The catalog tries to link various artists and creative positions. In terms of design, the question arises to what extent it is possible to reproduce new media but also to interpret them in a documentary print publication – a search fort he best way to transport the essence of an artwork, especially when it has more to it than a visual part. The individual artwork is presented in an unique layout, approaching every work with a different design concept which is asking for the right visual language to communicate what is important.

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