The Knowledge Portal of the Arts contains references to many online resources (identified by Online access / ger: Online Zugriff frei). Some are generally freely accessible, others are licensed and therefore can only be viewed with internet access from the respective owning institution (UdK or TU). Mostly you find a reference to the owner institution in the Details section:

Quelle: UdK Berlin

Quelle: UdK Berlin

To view licensed online-ressources, you must be in the IP address range of the owning institution. You are in the IP address range of UdK:

  • at each stationary PC workstation on the campus of the UdK or with WLAN from the UdK and/or Eduroam (Eduroam not in the library building Fasanenstraße 88)
  • with UdK VPN access (more about VPN)
  • for some resources you can use access via Shibboleth (if specified) For some providers, you must first select the University of the Arts (or University of the Arts), in other cases you will be immediately directed to a login screen

A few electronic journals require the input of a user name and password by the library staff at the information desk on the 4th floor of the library. If required: please contact us.

Quelle: UdK-Berlin

Please remember that online resources currently licensed by the UdK are only accessible to UdK members. Some of the offers are temporary, i.e. free access is only provided by the provider for a limited period of time, usually a few weeks. You can recognise these offers by the reference "temporary offer" in the section Online Access.

Quelle: UdK Berlin

In order to be able to access the TU's online resources, either have to use the TU's Internet access (for example, a computer workstation on the 1st - 3rd floors of the university library) or be registered with a TU-VPN or Shibboleth VPN access. (More about online resources of the TU).

Please note: if you connect to the WLAN (eduroam) in the library building, you are always in the IP address range of ​​the Technical University. You therefore do not have access to access-restricted online resources of the UdK with eduroam, even if you use UdK authentication data.

Further note: Online resources link to external service providers. You leave the knowledge portal of the arts on access. For this, you always need to register for Internet use at the computer workstations in the library (more on the topic: Registration for Internet use).

TU students please note: TU students can choose between the operating systems Ubuntu and Windows on the 4th floor of the UB: only with Ubuntu do you have access to the online resources of the UdK.

If the search in the search portal does not yield the desired results, you can use special databases. Here is a list of the UdK licensed databases. Please use these direct links.

Last Update: 09.04.2020