New Media Class von Prof. Joachim Sauter

Expanding Spaces

Under the circumstance of spatial confinement, technology becomes the ground upon which we stand. May it be by widening our social and work spaces, may it be by offering a temporary escape from current constraints, technology in this scenario extends boundaries, sites and senses beyond a body’s reach - but not without its toll on our privacy and daily routine. 
What are the new spaces that arise within our own rooms in this scenario? How can we extend and augment space within such constraints? Within the sharp corners of our own four walls, in this semester we looked critically at new media that expands confined.

Within the sharp corners of our own four walls, in this semester we have looked critically at new media that expands our personal spaces during quarantine. We have articulated, stretched, broken, reflected, extended and transgressed the boundaries of our private realms beyond the screens we have come to rely upon for living. Broadcasting directly from within our private rooms, we now stream the objects of our exercise on expansion.
Expanding the videoconference screen beyond the usual 15" laptops, we elevate it as a totem of our current times, now streaming our personal spheres to the scale of the city, live for 24h.




New Media Class:
Prof. Joachim Sauter
Assist. Prof. Luiz Zanotello
Tutor Robert Schnüll

Bian Zhiping, Dawooni Park, Dirk Erdmann, Fang Tsai, Florentin Aisslinger, Hibiki Ishijima, Merani Schilcher, Niklas Söder, Orlando Helfer, Özcan Ertek, Stefan Damnig, Tatiana Pakhmutova, Vinzenz Aubry

The canvas for our works was created and produced by Vinzenz Aubry, Robert Schnüll, Dirk Erdmann and Merani Schilcher within the frame of their own project “Waiting for Humans”. The project was supported by LAS (lightartspace) and C/O Berlin. We thank both immensely for making it possible!


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