Melting Soundscapes

Quelle: Özcan Ertek

Melting Soundscapes

"Melting Soundscapes" are soundscapes from a deep-time ecology hidden and
encrypted within Thielpark in Germany. Localized in a topography created
at the end of Earth's last ice age and in contrast to Berlin's urban
expansion, the park holds within its microcosmos records and aspects of a
long-gone past. By using a microphone as a magnifying lens, the work uses
sound samples from the present-day park to speculate on long-lost sound
ecologies or future ice-age sounds to come.

In an era when things of different scales connect on a 1:1 plane, a mere
invisible micro non-organism is capable of holding the entire world’s
breath, just as an image of the whole Earth and its melting ice cores
alters the properties of a salt’s grain. Within the global network, both
macroscopic and microscopic realities collide evermore frequently and
rapidly; sometimes generating explosively positive changes, sometimes
generating catastrophic ones. How does technology mediates this conundrum?
How do we inspect both microscopic and macroscopic realities, and how are
we to make use of the vast amount of data produced by it?
In this unordinary semester, we will take a closer look at electronic
media and digital technology of both micro- and macro- manipulations. The
course will be divided into two parts. The first part will happen spread
out during Berlin’s lock-down, and will have a focus on research and
sampling. The second part will happen as a block-seminar after the release
of Berlin’s lock- down, where we will conduct hands-on experiments and
develop prototypes to test our theories.

// newmediaclass
// 2020/ss/electronics




betreuende*r Prof
New Media Class:
Prof. Joachim Sauter
Assist. Prof. Luiz Zanotello
Tutor Robert Schnüll

Dawoon Park
Dirk Erdmann
Fang Tsai
Florentin Aisslinger
Hibiki Ishijima
Merani Schilcher
Niklas Söder
Orlando Helfer
Stefan Damning
Tatiana Pakhmutova
Vinzenz Aubry
Zhiping Bian