Never Change A Running System 2020

Quelle: Marcel Schwittlick

Never Change A Running System 2020

A custom built rotational mechanism is mounted from the ceiling, spinning a collection of Apple Macbooks in a centrifugal way. The circular movement is constant and hypnotising in itself, providing a sense of stillness and calm. This kinetic installation plays with the various semiotical possibilities these specific laptops represent. Do they gain or lose their impact, are they being trivialised or empowered? All laptops have been used for many years and hand-collected by the artist from their previous owners, following their mutual agreement of installation-use only. All personal data was destroyed by drilling a hole through the hard-drive.



betreuende*r Prof

Klasse für Generative Kunst von Prof Alberto de Campo

beteiligte Studierende mit zugeordnetem Studiengang

Marcel Schwittlick
Kunst und Medien (generative Kunst)




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