Seminararbeit "after hours"

Quelle: Schilcher
Quelle: Schilcher
Quelle: Schilcher
Quelle: Schilcher

Semesterarbeit "after hours"

"Lockdowns have become standard procedure during pandemics, clearly separating what is considered private & public space.

Defining space by dividing it to inside and outside is one of human's ways to recognize his position in environments, because we can only ever be either in- or outside. But there are spaces actively dividing these territories. Spaces of transition, boundaries & connections: in-between spaces. Here things meld together & cease to be distinct. Doors, windows, stairs & walls are at once neither & both.

"after hours" deals with human properties within machines.
Machines always automated tasks humans couldn’t do – this one is no different. Through the extension of private space into public space and public space into private space, it has become a visualization of human desire for companionship during these times in isolation."



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Prof. Joachim Sauter
KM Luiz Zanotello
Visuelle Kommunikation (New Media Class)
Semesterthema: Expanding Space

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Visuelle Kommunikation   Merani Schilcher



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