Utopian Plagiarism

The Seventh Seal, Ingmar Bergman, 1957

 Quelle: Ingmar Bergman

Utopian Plagiarism

Covid-19 restricts us in our mobility and therefore hinders us to carry out certain practices or research. But couldn’t and shouldn’t it have productive impact, too? By reverting to archives, existing works, fantasizing, twisting the reality, UTOPIAN PLAGIARISM wants to fake for the greater good and imagine realities that could be but aren’t (yet) there.


"In a society dominated by a 'knowledge' explosion, exploring the possibilities of meaning in that which already exists is more pressing than adding redundant information". Therefore we want to see where (deep) faking, fraud, imposture or plagiarism as METHOD brings us, while keeping a transformative spirit in mind.

We are invited to pursue our own ideas on what UTOPIAN PLAGIARISM can mean for our practice, interests and art/research forms. On the basis of theoretical readings and practical explorations, the course will culminate in a medley of "readymades, collage, found art and found text, intertexts, combines, detournment, and appropriation".


Viktar Vasileuski

Status des Projektes

Searching for participants and mentors.

If you want to bring this to life and seize the opportunity of faking your way through the Corona-crisis, join the room #utopianplagiarism on the opencall plattform or contact Viktar Vasileuski: v.vasileuski_ @udk-berlin.de