İpek Çınar

Quelle: Sayaka Katsumoto

İpek Çınar completed her studies in Political Sciences at METU in 2018 and began her graduate studies in the Art in Context MA programme at UdK Berlin in 2020.
Working predominantly with the photographic medium since 2011, Çınar tells stories that seek to convey an idiosyncratic language by blending photography with writing and researching. In addition to her photographic production, she contributes to various publications with essays, interviews and series of articles; and acts as a content advisor, particularly on photography.
Çınar was the coordinator of The Booklab project by Frederic Lezmi and Okay Karadayılar; she worked as an instructor for the Darkroom and editing workshops at Ka Atelier in Ankara and acted as a content advisor for the photography documentary of TRT 2, Traces Faces. In June 2021, she has started to work as a representative of Anti-discrimination External unit in AStA UdK Berlin.
She opened solo exhibitions at Poligon “The Shooting Gallery” (İstanbul) and at Ka Atelier (Ankara) and took part in numerous group shows in Turkey, Italy, Latvia, Finland, Greece, and Switzerland. She has been invited to international artist residencies, workshops and festivals where she participated in exhibition and lecture programs. İpek Çınar, who is also a member of AICA Turkey, is the co-editor of Orta Format since 2015 and she loves this initiative very much.