Lara Alarcón (Komposition)

Quelle: privat


VQ is a platform in which the artist improvises and composes in a prosthetic dialect by using noise devices such as radio, tape recorders, and/or amplification. In PROYECTO NAVIDAD this exploration locates on the idea of private and public using a collection of sounds such as wind from the Patagonia Argentina, and making them interact with those sounds produced by herself in an uncomfortable intimacy gently leading to a noisey collapse. 

key statement:    
What is private and
Becomes a public matter?
What is public and becomes a private violation?
Open-cast mining in the Patagonian plain is a
struggle Argentinians have on a daily basis.

the fight is with our bodies; the demand is for a
dignified life, for air, for water, for simple and
urgent rights: health

Lara Alarcón is an argentinian vocalist ~ improviser and composer ~ Berlin Based and with a foot in Bern. Her work as a vocalist is based on the performativity of the instrument in prosthetic dialectics. Beyond extended techniques she works with sonic complexities and noise. Expanding this by using large amplification, pedals or live electronics, tape recorders, radios, tv. She seeks protolanguage and explores the communicational gesture without the necessity of sense or meaning. In her compositions she composes to improvise. Active in the field of electroacoustic and experimental music, she explores the intrinsic act of playing/performing, shaping time with contrast and intensity. The topics usually are geopolitics as a problematic, madness and mental ‘illness’ as a possibility to explore beyond human capacities.

She has been active in the fields of experimental, contemporary and improvised music from a young age. Started her trainings in voice at the age of 8, later on she studied at Conservatorio Gilardo Gilardi vocal technique, Composition at Universidad de La Plata, ARG and right now continues her studies in Composition at Universitaet der Künste Berlin.