Moderator of Panel 1: Dalís Pacheco (Interflugs UdK Berlin)

Quelle: Louisa Stickelbruck

Dalís Pacheco (Interflugs)

Dalís Pacheco Salcedo was born in 1993 and raced in Lima, Peru. Based in Berlin since 2015, she works as an interdisciplinary artist and cultural entrepreneurship. She started her studies at the Art Faculty of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, following her BA in Visual Communication and currently her MA in Art and Media, both at the University of the Arts Berlin. Also studied in the Fine Arts program at The Cooper Union School of Art in New York, thanks to the Intercontinental Studies Abroad Fellowship in 2019. Awarded by the DAAD-Preis 2021 and currently holds a scholarship from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Her practice is grounded in personal and collective emotional research, between fiction and documentary, analog and digital. She explores with still and moving images, projections, installations, sound, and more recently performance. She seeks paths that bring her closer to diverse forms of knowledge, far from western perspectives and closer to her roots and hybrids as well, through processes that question colonial and patriarchal approaches. She es closely engaged with the Latin American community in Berlin through various initiatives. Through her cultural entrepreneurial work, she seeks to generate safe spaces for dialogue and exchange with an intersectional approach.

Since 2018 she works at Interflugs, an autonomous self-organized group managed by students at the Berlin University of Arts, that seeks to channel the resources of that privileged academic context in a way that could challenge its own discriminatory structures, offering to the wider community services information and support to develop their own projects and initiatives. Between 2019 and 2021 she has been a member of the Student Parlament, working in the Committee for Intercultural Diversity, Anti-discrimination and Empowerment, which led to the creation of the AG Intersectional Anti-discrimination, responsible for the negotiation of the 19 Demands on anti-discrimination work against the UdK. She is also currently a member of the KfC (Equal Opportunities Commission) which advises the academic senate.

Panel Discussion 1: 13.30 - 14.40 Uhr: "The End of The World Has Happened Before - Sustainability for whom?"