Moderator of Panel 2: Vincent Hulme (Common Ground)

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Vincent Hulme (Common Ground)

Vincent Hulme has been studying Fine Arts at the UdK Berlin since 2017.  He left Canada and arrived in Berlin in 2011.  Joining the Common Ground Team in 2018 and is currently spearheading the Common Ground Studio in its 2nd year.

Common Ground is a student initiative founded by AStA at UdK Berlin in 2015 and funded by the DAAD. It supports people with refugee experience and disadvantaged internationals before and during their study application process.

Its members act as mediators between prospective students and other university initiatives, such as AStA, International Office, Studium Generale, and Artist Training.

Common Ground is also a place for community building. The Common Ground Studio is a support program for artists who fled or migrated to Germany. It offers access to the Institute of Fine Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts to people interested in Fine Art studies. Additionally, each year the group organizes and funds several social art projects by, with, and for people with refugee experience.

The support comes through financing the realization of projects and/or establishing helpful contacts with other students and artists. New opportunities for participation in the university context and raising awareness of the issues relating to migration and exile are regularly offered.

Panel Discussion 2 (17.05 - 18.15 Uhr): Plant and Cultivate the Seeds - Rethinking, Reshaping and Reclaiming The Learning Practices