Participant of Panel 1: Mandu (Black Earth Collective)

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Mandu (Black Earth Collective)

Mandu dos Santos Pinto is an architect and urban planner and graduated from the Swiss Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zürich). With his company he has provided since 2004 innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of architecture and urbanism, focusing on the development of innovative solutions for cities of the Global South.
His projects range from innovative plus-energy houses to the development of smart cities, from advising ministries on sustainability and energy efficiency to developing tailor-made lighthouse projects in participatory stake-holder processes.
Among others, he developed the MUSEKE methodology to upgrade informal settlements without displacing inhabitants, developed the first Swiss Sustainable Real Estate Fund, Green Property and designed the Live-With-Water climate resilience project to improve living conditions of one million people in flooded neighborhoods of Dakar.
With his projects he initiates healing and change processes of urban neighborhoods, houses, their inhabitants and their environment in balance with climate and nature.
He is currently leading an innovative mobility project for Dakar - EcoCar Solaire - that aims to transform up to 20% of the fossil fueled public transports into solar-powered minibuses.

Panel Discussion 1: 13.30 - 14.40 Uhr: "The End of The World Has Happened Before - Sustainability for whom?"