Participant of Panel 2: Maria Ines Plaza Lazo (The Arts of Working Class)

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María Inés Plaza Lazo (The Arts of Working Class)

María Inés Plaza Lazo was born and raised in Guayaquil, and projected her own nomadic future at an early stage. She was trained as an art historian at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich, works as publisher and editor of the bimonthly street newspaper for art and society, wealth and poverty called Arts of the Working Class (AWC). She occasionally curates exhibitions and events together or through her work at AWC; for example for the Public Art Conferences in Nürnberg, she curated the panel on what connects art and activism today (IRL and URL), or the Souls for Foods Market at Atelier Gardens, dedicated to poetics and struggles for those that produce as manufacturers applied arts, foods and happenings. She is currently a Media Fellow at The New Institute in Hamburg, where she engages in the development of inclusion and accessibility formats in relation to academic research and political agency.

Panel Discussion 2 (17.05 - 18.15 Uhr): Plant and Cultivate the Seeds - Rethinking, Reshaping and Reclaiming The Learning Practices