Berlin Symposium on Artificial Teacher Avatars – Workshop

Regina Wuzella

We cordially invite you to the second event in the framework of „Konzertierte Weiterbildungen zu künstlicher Intelligenz in der Hochschullehre“ organized by UdK Berlin.

Berlin Symposium on Artificial Teacher Avatars conceived by Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Hromada, Christian Schmidts and Florian Porada

The objective of "Berlin Symposium on Artificial Teacher - Student avatars" is the presentation, discussion and development of tools, models and methodologies leading to emergence of generative AI avatars usable and useful in domain of education. During the first lecture, Daniel Hromada will introduce the notion of artificial teacher avatars and "human-machine peer learning". Subsequently, during the hands-on exercises in cooperation with Christian Schmidts and Florian Porada, participants will learn how to enrich a publicly available large language model (LLM) with an own an ad hoc Low Rank Adaptation (LoRa) matrix based on corpora originating from ancient teachers of humanity. The workshop session will introduce the intricacies of creating lifelike, synthetic voices for AI avatars, utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms. I will also explore the realm of image generation, demonstrating how these avatars can be visually rendered according to the workshop specifications.

The Workshop will be held in English /if necessary parts of it will be translates into German.

If you want to take part please register at gen_ai_
Subject: Artificial Teacher Avatars
Deadline for registering: December 31st 2023
Restricted number of Participants

Die Veranstaltung findet im Rahmen des bundesweiten Projekts „Konzertierte Weiterbildungen zu künstlicher Intelligenz in der Hochschullehre“ des Netzwerks Landeseinrichtungen für digitale Hochschullehre (NeL) statt und wird von der Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre gefördert.


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