From the Margins — Raving and Queer World-making – Präsentation


Book presentation of 'Fluide Widerständigkeit -Transformative Narrative queerer Clubkultur' –

published in 2023 by Querverlag and talk with neo seefried and xan egger from the queer collective practice ( ) s-p-a-c-e about Raving and queer World-making.

Club and rave venues have always been places of the Other and transformative spaces that also have an impact on society. How can we negotiate the tension between freedom and (in)security, address responsibilities, and open critical perspectives on current issues of awareness, diversity, and inclusion?

Can we create diversity not only in line-ups and bookings, but also in the economic structures of clubs? How can we also point out class differences and multiple marginalization? And how can we ensure that such places do not allow themselves to be completely taken over by dominant cultural and capitalist values? What potentials do fluid identity concepts, queer body politics, and pleasure-oriented spaces hold in this context - not only within club culture, but also for society?

These questions will be answered in this talk. 
Moderation: Anita Jóri

( ) s-p-a-c-e is a (interdisciplinary)(collaborative)(transversal)(transformative) queer collective, founded in 2022 by neo seefried and xan egger, that works with alternating allies, activists, contributors, accomplices, supporters and partners. We are researching, writing, podcasting, publishing, organizing panels and festivals without being part of an institution.

xan egger (*1971) has been working as a writer, researcher, educator, concept developer, curator, designer and artist in Berlin, Vienna, Berlin and other places. xan is interested in processes and politics of transversality, the fluidification of rigid binaries, of power structures and institutionalized control, their evaluation and reference systems, in categories and hierarchies, tactics of (individual)(collective) representation and action with a focus on marginalized groups and narratives, (counter)cultural framings and kinship.

neo seefried (*1995) is a freelance curator, podcaster, author, cultural mediator, researcher, activist, artist, selector at club doors and developer of social media strategies. Through mediation in various formats, such as workshops, moderating panels and hosting podcasts, neo pursues cultural, social and political educational efforts with a focus on queer realitiesWorking in different contexts, between Berlin and Zurich, neo fluidifies the seemingly rigid borders of their own fields of activity.


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