Geste, Gestaltung, und Gestimmtheit - physical metaphysics for artists – Performance

Zihern Lee

We embarked on an exploration of Vilém Flusser's insights, specifically his <gesture> as a motif and philosophical apparatus.
We sought to unravel the intricate labyrinth between form, design, symbol, and behavior, where each element becomes a vital player, influencing and being influenced in return.

The essence of our investigation lays not merely in translating Flusser's words into artistic works but in transcending that boundary. Our goal is to metamorphose into living embodiments of the phenomenon, giving rise to results that extend beyond Flusser's anticipations.

This involves going beyond the conventional role of translating words from a book into art. As we navigated the crossroads of theory and practice, we pondered the question: Where will this journey lead us? The convergence of these realms is not a linear progression but a three-dimensional figure of ideas and expressions intersecting and influencing each other. The outcome is not predetermined but emerges from the dynamic interplay of minds and mediums.


Benny Lichtner - The Gesture of Performing a Cycle (or Gently Inviting Someone To Dance)
Daeun Joo - Gesture of Breath
Inkyung Jeong - The Gesture of Avoiding
Luisa Ungar - The Gesture of Interrupting
Ruben Bass - The Gesture of the Common Image
Stratos Bichakis - The Gesture of Salvation
Zihern Lee - The Gesture of Forgiving


This event is official part of the festival transmediale / CTM Vorspiel. 

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