JUXTAPOSITIONS. Perspectives on Contemporary Cultural Production – Ringvorlesung

Lukas Feireiss

Kuratiert von Prof. Lukas Feireiss. Lecture series, English/Deutsch, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS

In the summer semester 2022, the Studium Generale continues with its series of inspirational lectures on the topic of contemporary cultural production curated and moderated by visiting professor Lukas Feireiss. JUXTAPOSITIONS aims at a broad transdisciplinary audience with and beyond the confines of the Berlin University of the Arts. Driven by an understanding that none of the issues we are facing globally right now can be tackled by a single profession, nor without the kind of collaboration enabled by technology, the lecture series promotes a critical discourse across binaries, boundaries, borders disciplines, norms, forms and protocols. It celebrates the power of cross-polination, creative entanglement and non-binary collaboration and embraces the beautiful juxtapositions that make up our lives.
We will have seven different guest lecturers, sharing their individual practices in the fields of transdisciplinary arts.

Requirements for the ungraded Studium Generale credits: regular participation, one task for each of the lectures.

List of guests:
25.04.2022          Lukas Feireiss - watch recording!
09.05.2022          Tra My Nguyen - watch recording
23.05.2022          Ariel Efraim Ashbel
30.05.2022          Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley
13.06.2022          Ute Meta Bauer
27.06.2022          Dina El Kaisy Friemuth
11.07.2022          Maissa Lihedheb
18.07.2022          Tom Sachs

Here you find the lecture series with its guests in winter 2021/22!

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