Rift – Ausstellung

Juan Blanco

An exhibition of students from different fine arts and design classes of the UdK Berlin

RIFT explores the ruin as a conductor of emotions, and shared microworlds in times of the post-vistuality. The show aims to observe the eclectic mirage in the media flood, forms, materials, the light, short videos and social networks—where the ruin emerges and shows our latent fragility. We do not dismiss the different manifestations of ruin from its conception in romanticism; nostalgia for the connection to nature, vitality in decay, individualism. We see the romantic as the observer of the remains of a civilization. Instead, we explore the legacy of ruin in contemporaneity by creating links between different poles, seeing the plastic work as a tool to observe the tensions between what rises and falls. Through different artistic positions we invite questioning our notion of culture, power, and technology as the only sources of nostalgia. 

With: David Salazar, Paula Oltmann, Marlon Nicolaisen & Juan Blanco