State Of The Art(s)_GenAI Applied – Vortragsabend

Mariam Rafehi

Concept: Mariam Rafehi, Rinah Regina Wuzella
Organisation: Carol Arpas, Mariam Rafehi, Friedensreich, Rinah Regina Wuzella

This conversation aims to explore how AI  – specifically GenAI – is transforming artistic practices, teaching methodologies, and educational institutions. Invited speakers are UdK students and professors, who are working with GenAI and will give a short introduction into their current projects before engaging in a broader discussion. The conversation will be framed by questions on new possibilities and challenges emerging from this media shift; the potential influence on our epistemological understanding; and frameworks for using AI tools in the university context.


Klaus Gasteier//Surfing Serendipity
Daniel Hromada// Make Your Own Not-so-large-language-model
Sarah Omar// Arab Futurism
Chris Schmidts// Software Fiction: Generative AI for the Creation and Exploration of Image Spaces in an Architectural Context

The presentations of current projects will be followed by an open discussion about the challenges, misconceptions and/or new possibilities of the introduction of GenAI in an art education context and your personal experience.

+++ We welcome everyone to be part of this ongoing discussion. +++