The Souls of White “Volk” – Ausstellung

Group Exhibition curated by Prof. Dr. Natasha A. Kelly, in cooperation with the festival "The Fall of the Weimar Republic: Dancing on the Precipice" (Carnegie Hall New York)

The Souls of White “Volk”
Group Exhibition curated by Natasha A. Kelly
A contribution to the festival "The Fall of the Weimar Republic: Dancing on the Precipice" at Carnegie Hall, New York, spring 2024

29.02.2024, 19 h
Hardenbergstr. 33, Room 101, 10623 Berlin
Digital exhibition starts in April 2024

In his often-overlooked essay The Souls of White Folk, originally published in 1910 and substantially revised and reprinted in 1920, African American scientist, journalist, and activist W.E.B Du Bois questions the supremacy and privilege of white people and the possibility of their invisibility, neutrality, and universality long before the recent discourse on Critical Whiteness began. He argues that the worldwide historical, cultural, social, political, legal and economic impact of white supremacy and its influence in the early 20th century is "the new religion of whiteness." At this time, the political upheaval in Germany was looming, which ultimately led to the First World War (1914 – 1918) and the emergence of the Weimar Republic (1919 – 1934).

This student group exhibition is the outcome of an academic seminar at the University of the Arts in Berlin taught by Prof. Dr. Natasha A. Kelly. It visualizes the complex relationship between whiteness and art in this period and examines to what extent the history of whiteness in Germany finds expression, is challenged, and continues to have an impact on the present by right-wing populists.