TRANSMITTER – Ausstellung

Bailey Keogh

Exhibition TRANSMITTER during Berlin Art Week

"Transmitter" is a technical term from telecommunications and describes a device for generating and emitting electromagnetic waves that are modulated with information. Transmitters and receivers communicate with each other via these waves using codes and signes. Transmitters form the technical basis for many forms of communication.


It is a similar situation in the HALBHAUS, which you can now enter here as an exhibition space. Rented by the Berlin University of the Arts as a studio space for students of the classes of Monica Bonvicini, Thomas Zipp and Valérie Favre, the place mainly serves as a work and production space. The artists come here not only to work, but also to exchange ideas with each other.


"Transmitter" sees itself as a space and an opportunity in which art is not only presented as a collection of connected objects of contemplation but where art takes place and defines itself as a practice of performance and organic growth. In a conscious renunciation of ideal conditions of undisturbed aesthetic perception, the exhibition seeks interaction out of contemporaneity.



Momo Bera @momobera_

Mina Büker @minabuker

Geli Derzapf @studio__geli

Bailey Keogh @baileykeogh

Pia Li Grau @pialigrau

Gerald Meilicke @10_mio_gold_euro

Mascha Serga @maschamaschine

Marco Siciliano @marcosiciliano

Martin Sieron @mmartinius

Josephine Rothäuser


Curated by Max Rauschenbach @rauschenbaker


Gerald Meilicke