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Design (Fashion und Product) Bachelor

Application period and entrance requirements

Application period

15 March–15 April for the following winter semester

Entrance requirements

• University entrance qualification (“Abitur” equivalent).
• The university entrance qualification is not essential if applicants demonstrate outstanding artistic talent.
• creative talent
• sufficient knowledge of German.
• 6 weeks preparatory practical experience (internship)


Duration of studies/ Degree

• Standard period of study: 8 semesters, 240 credit points

• Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Your application step by step

All of the following steps must be taken within the application deadline of the respective degree programme. If documents need to be sent in, they must be received by the UdK Berlin by the last day of the application deadline at the latest.  It is recommended that you apply as early as possible within the application deadline so that you can clarify any questions that may arise with our StudyGuide in good time.

  1. Register and verify yourself (if you have not already done so in the past) in the Campus Management Portal of the UdK Berlin:
  2. Log in to the Campus Management Portal ( and submit an application for admission to the desired degree programme there by the application deadline. During the application process, upload the following formal documents in a PDF file (max. 20 MB) to the application portal:

    ● Detailed CV in tabular form
    ● unauthenticated photocopy of the university entrance qualification certificate
    Foreign school certificates must be recognised by uni-assist before the application at UdK Berlin.
    More information could be found here.
    Bank statement as proof of payment of the fee of € 30 for processing the application (in case of transfer from abroad proof of payment) or turnover view (in case of online banking). Other proofs/receipts (such as transfer orders) are not accepted.
    ● International applicants must also provide proof of their German language skills: language certificate German B1 for application and language certificate German C1 for enrolment. You can find more information here.
    ● proof of a 6 weeks pre-internship (by date of matriculation at the latest).
    Transfer students from other univercities must enclose proof of previous study and examination achievements. You can find more information here.
  3. Information on transferring the 30 €: please transfer the fee for participation in the admission procedure to the following account:
    Kasse der UdK Berlin
    Berliner Volksbank
    IBAN: DE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46
    Reason for payment: 35/01036, degree programme, name, application number

    Berliner Volksbank eG
    Budapester Straße 35
    10787 Berlin

    For foreign bank transfers:
    Please make sure that you pay all applicable transfer fees (OUR - sender pays costs) when making the transfer.


You don't have your fianl school degree (Abitur) yet?

You have an international degree?

Are you an applicant from the PR China, Vietnam or India?

Are there any formal documents missing from your application? Find out how to submit them here.

Transfer students

Students transferring from comparable degree programmes (product design, fahsion design) also take part in the regular application procedure. However, they do not have to do the homework. They must submit a portfolio after the application deadline.

Even if you apply as a university transfer student, it is possible that the admission committee will decide after reviewing your documents that you are not eligible to apply for a higher semester. In this case, you will take part in the procedure for the 1st semester and will be sent the homework topic.

The admission procedure consists of the assessment of the submitted work (portfolio) by the admission committee. In cases of doubt, the commission still conducts a personal interview, if necessary in the form of a video conference.

A decision on the recognition of study and examination achievements and the classification will only be made after admission.

Information on the Preliminary Internship

The 6-week preliminary internship for the Design degree programme should be completed in craft facilities, e.g. in a carpenter's workshop, a sewing workshop/tailoring shop, a plastic or metal processing company, etc.

Since large parts of this study programme, especially the design work in the degree programme, are very strongly characterised by craft work and the direct, often also experimental examination of a wide variety of materials, the applicants should already have first experiences in working with various materials before the studies.

You can also complete different internships and add up the times.

Proof of the internship must be submitted by the time of enrolment at the latest.

Admission procedure

What happens after the application?

The admission procedure consists of a pre-selection and the entrance examination.

The preselection is based on a homework assignment.
Applicants receive the topic for the homework assignment as well as all information on uploading it to the "Bemus" platform by email some time after the application deadline.

The admissions committee decides within the framework of the pre-selection which applicants will be admitted to the entrance examination.
In this examination, the selected applicants have to work on given artistic and creative tasks.

A portfolio of their own work must only be submitted for the examination. The portfolio should contain approx. 20 independently produced works. Drawings, collages, etc. are possible, as are sketchbooks and photographs documenting three-dimensional works.

The selected applicants will receive the invitation and further information by e-mail.