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FAQs about the application

Application deadlines

There is no uniform application deadline at the UdK Berlin - the deadlines vary depending on the degree programme. Many UdK degree programmes start in the winter semester, but some also start in the summer semester. You can find more information on the application page of the respective degree programme.

International applicants

International applicants are on an equal footing with national applicants, but must prove German language skills depending on the degree programme. They also send their applications directly to the UdK Berlin.
For some Bachelor's and all Master's programmes, however, the recognition of certificates acquired abroad by uni-assist e.V. is required before applying to the UdK. (VPD) is required before applying to the UdK.

You can find detailed information here.


Numerus clausus

The grade of your school-leaving certificate or university degree is irrelevant for studying at the UdK. Selection always takes place via an artistic admission procedure. Applications for all degree programmes should be sent directly to the UdK Berlin.

A-levels / Baccalaureate

For a number of degree programmes at the UdK Berlin, the general university entrance qualification is a compulsory requirement. This affects the following bachelor's degree programs: all Teacher Education programs, Architecture, GWK, and Sound Engineering. However, under certain conditions, admission to these degree programmes is possible via the professional qualification according to §11 of the "Berliner Hochschulgesetz".

For other degree programmes (e.g. Design or Visual Communication), the general university entrance qualification is usually a prerequisite, but in exceptional cases applicants without an Baccalaureat can also be admitted if the admissions committee determines that they have a special artistic talent.

For many purely artistic degree programmes, compulsory school attendance is sufficient as a school requirement (e.g. for fine arts, artistic instrumental training).
The exact admission requirements can be found on the application page of the respective degree programme.

Required language certificate not yet available?

Applicants admitted to the UdK Berlin who have not yet reached the higher language level required for enrolment can apply for temporary enrolled for a maximum of two semesters if they pass the admission examination.  Depending on the degree programme, they attend a German course at the UdK Berlin or at a language school of their own choice during the first one or two semesters of study.
At the end of this period at the latest, the required language examination must have been successfully taken and proven.
This does not apply to teacher training programs, for which enrollment is not possible without proof of the required German language skills (C1).

The Central Institution for Modern Languages at the TU Berlin (ZEMS) also offers corresponding courses in the immediate vicinity of the central UdK locations, in which students from other universities can also participate as guest and secondary students, subject to availability.

Study degrees

Most of the degree programmes at the UdK Berlin have been converted to the Bachelor's/Master's degree structure. However, there are also some artistic degree programmes (Fine Arts, Art and Media, Drama, Musical / Show and Scenic Writing) that are exempt from the changeover. Here, the degree "Absolvent*in" is acquired after successful completion of the degree programme.

Become a teacher

The UdK Berlin trains teachers in the subjects of art, music and Theater/Performing Arts. In the subjects of art and music, courses are offered for the teaching profession at primary schools (GS) and at integrated secondary schools (ISS) and grammar schools (Gym). In the subject of Theater/Performing Arts, students are trained to teach at integrated secondary schools and grammar schools.
In addition to studying at the UdK Berlin, two further subjects (German and Mathematics at the Freie Universität Berlin) must be studied in the teacher training programmes at primary schools or one further subject (at the Humboldt Universität, the Freie Universität or the Technische Universität Berlin) for the ISS/Gym degree programmes. If you would like to apply for a teacher training programme with an artistic subject, the application takes place exclusively at the UdK Berlin. Further information can be found on the application page of the respective degree programme.


The "Meisterschüler*in" title is the highest artistic distinction for particularly gifted graduates of some artistic degree programmes.
This distinction is awarded in the following degree programmes at the UdK Berlin: Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Art and Media.

Semester times

The summer semester always begins on 1 April, the lecture period lasts from approx. mid-April to mid-July.

The winter semester always begins on 1 October, the lecture period lasts from approx. mid-October to mid-February.

Portfolio Courses / Preparatory Courses at the UdK Berlin

As a rule, there are no special preparation or portfolio courses at the UdK Berlin. However, the College of Fine Arts at the UdK Berlin offers so-called “Pre-Colleges”. These are open to all those interested in studying teachers training fine art at Berlin University of the Arts. On various dates, prospective students can get to know more about the college and its study programme in  teachers training of fine art.

The courses take place each autumn. Due to the limited number of participants, pre-registration is necessary.

Further inforamtion can be found on the website of the faculty.

In the field of music, Berlin's district music schools offer corresponding study preparation programmes. The Landesmusikakademie Berlin regularly offers weekend preparatory courses in music theory and ear training, which are usually taught by lecturers from the UdK Berlin.

Open house day

Rundgang der UdK Berlin / crescendo

Every year on the last weekend of the summer semester, usually in mid-July, the "Rundgang" (open days) takes place at the UdK Berlin.

If you are interested studying in the fields of fine arts, architecture, design, visual communication, art and media, stage design and costume design you are recommended to visit the Rundgang. Further information and the programme can be found on our homepage from the end of June/beginning of July.

Once a year, usually in May/June, the music festival weeks "crescendo" of the UdK Berlin take place - a date to reccomend for those who are interested in studying music.

Also once a year, usually in January/February, there is an "Open Day" - especially for prospective students of the teaching-related degree programmes in music. Information on this can be found at the beginning of each year on the website of the Institute for Music Education.

In addition, public recitals and performances are held regularly throughout the semester in the faculties of Music and Performing Arts.

All dates can be found in the UdK Berlin calendar of events.