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Within this project we will research spaces of urban encounter. As urbanists we understand spaces, where differences co-exist, overlap, interact. Where do people engage and encounter the other, the different people? Where can we find hybrid spaces for this type or urban action?

We will be looking at Haus der Statistik as a project in the making and experienced places as Ex-Rotaprint, ZK/U as case studies. Haus der Statistik is located just off Alexanderplatz and presents ~45.000sqm of empty office floors. It is part of the GDR inherited ensemble of an iconic socialist urbanism of the time. We will investigate architectural ways to think this vast complex as a hybrid building, addressing the needs of Berlin today, when we follow the initiatives claim to open this complex for artistic and cultural production,intertwined with mid term refugee hosting as well as integrative housing.

Based on these analysis, we will work on possible roles of architects in such complex urban settings and define a set of assignments. They can range from redesigning the Haus der Statistik for hybrid uses, to strategic development scenarios for the area, or 1:1 interventions around this or equivalent sites in a more performative approach.

The project is conceived as a working process, which unfolds depending on the individual interests and focusses of each student. We offer a time structure and continuous coaching in weekly studio meetings. We expect the ability and motivation to work independently. We understand the studio as a place for an ongoing negotiation.

Wednesdays 14.00-18.00h Atelier 401

max. 15 Participants


source: Initiative Haus der Statistik
source: FG Bader
source: Initiative Haus der Statistik