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studio space production: infrastructure space


 source: raumlaborberlin

The infrastructure space is actively shaping and enabling the operation of society. Provided by the state within the regulated process of urban development it builds the requirements for any further architectural manifestation. From the perspective of informal practices these processes can follow simultaneous tracks where infrastructure is part of the collective spatial production rather then the requirement provided by the state. In their different shapes as social, soft, complementary, technical etc. infrastructures are everywhere around us and taken for granted. By in-depth explorations on infrastructure and the creative speculation about its future architecture can engage and possibly create the conditions for a shift in urban society. 


Folly for Flyover

 source: assemble studio

Project like “Folly For a Flyover” (Assemble, 2011) or the “Floating University Berlin” (raumlaborberlin, 2018) show the potential of re-thinking existing infrastructures in the city. In her book “Extrastatecraft” Keller Easterling introduces the term active formas an inherent in infrastructure. During the semester we will search for the potentials of existing infrastructure spaces in Berlin and design active forms that re-think and re-assemble infrastructure space. 

The first part of the semester consists analytical mappings on use, ownership, maintenance and access including the idea of one-week placements in infrastructure facilities in Berlin. In the second part of the term students will design own interventions in different scales. 

Brunnengehn Basel

 source: Hotel Regina