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studio space production: spaces of emergence 2

Haus der Statistik März 2019

 source: Markus Bader

Second part of the studio “Spaces of Emergence” is the fully commitment to participation at the Making Futures School 30.8.-15.9. The curriculum of the school will follow the path of encounter, emergence, production and exchange. Students will participate actively as experts, guests, hosts and care takers in the process. The school will be fulfilled by two phases of preparation (in the week 12.8.-18.8) and dissemination (in the week 23.9.-29.9.)

The school is part of the action research project Making Futures Bauhaus+. Making Futures Bauhaus+ is an action research project that addresses questions of architecture as a collective form and architecture as a resource. Departing from these two perspectives, it operates as an experimental research unit that advances future paths for architectural practice and education. It was initiated in 2018 as a cooperation between raumlabor and the Berlin University of the Arts on the occasion of the Bauhaus’ centenary.

Architecture as a collective form brings together the cultural, the social, the economic and the political. It traverses diverse entities and scales: objects, bodies, buildings, cities; the human and the planetary. It invites us to reflect our built environment beyond obsolete dichotomies such as public and private, living and working, urban and rural. Primarily driven by fast-paced growth and innovation imperatives, the construction industry is the largest waste producer. There is an unbalance between the energy it consumes and its capacity to repurpose it. Exploring architecture as a resource involves looking at longer-lasting dynamics, such as recuperation and maintenance in the production and reproduction of space.

Making Futures School will explore forms of productive cooperation, exchange, solidarity and living. During 17 days in September 2019, participants of the public School propose, design, build, negotiate, maintain, perform and celebrate an educational and convivial space in Berlin, Germany. Part urban laboratory, walk-in-conference, intimate living room, hospitality kitchen and community cinema, the school acts as a learning environment that breaks away from the institutional logic. It’s freed from mandatory curricula, fixed schedules, rigid structures and it is open for involvement in diverse ways. It invites us to share, think, act and transmute from daily rituals to larger political entanglements.

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