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Master Programme Architecture

source: LS Palz

Master Programme Architecture

The target group of the Master programme Architecture at Berlin University of the Arts are committed and talented architects with a successful Bachelor degree in architecture. The four-semester, intense study programme serves to develop a personal artistic-planning position on the basis of individually selected architectural themes.  

The skills and knowledge acquired in the Bachelor programme Architecture are intensified through further-going project work, and expanded on the way to outstanding individual competence. In the Master programme students develop their profile as independent, creatively and conceptually working architects.  

The development of an individual standpoint in this context evolves through several planning assignments. A one-semester project in the first semester and a further-going project over two semesters in the second year  prepare for a subsequent thematic focus on the Master thesis. In this context, the further-going planning assignment is anchored in the regulations for study as an interdisciplinary project between one field of design and a project partner with artistic, technological-constructive, historical or theoretical emphasis. The teaching formats in the projects remain the responsibility of the supervising teachers and are characterized by lively diversity.  

The subject of the Master thesis is the student's free choice and realized with a personal emphasis – whether technological, artistic-performative or rather theoretical. Teaching staff from other study programmes of the UdK are permitted as supervisors and/or members of the examination commission.  

Where the bias is scientific it is possible to progress to a doctorate.

Conditions of Admission

Conditions of admission to the Master programme Architecture are a successfully completed artistic qualifying examination, a university degree from the four-year Bachelor programme Architecture at Berlin University of the Arts or an equivalent study programme at a different university, practical work experience in an office, and, for foreign applicants, adequate knowledge of German (B2).  

Applicants who have completed only a three-year Bachelor course (180 LP), must attend a two-semester alignment programme after passing the admission examination. After this they will be accepted onto the Master programme with no further examinations.  

The same application deadlines apply for those changing university as for those beginning their studies. The former also have to participate in the admissions procedure. Periods of study, and study and examination credits from other universities or abroad will be recognized as long as they are equivalent.

Detailed conditions of admission and dates can be found here.  


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