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Masters in Conducting

The Masters in Conducting at the college of music, lasting two years, aims to arm highly gifted students of conducting with the tools necessary to enter the conducting profession and to facilitate the conducting of any work and any ensemble, from symphony orchestra to opera and oratorio. Students regularly conduct professional orchestras and ensembles across Berlin and Germany as well as the University's studio orchestra assembled for the benefit of the conducting class. Students also video their work with orchestra and analyse their conducting with their teachers and the other class members.

Masters students also take a number of courses that support their main study in conducting, ranging from musical aspects such as piano, singing and vocal coaching to the practical and organisatorial side of the conducting profession.There are cooperations with many other institutes of the university. Thus students work with record producers, composers and early music specialists. Students are also able to become actively involved in the university's opera programme, including coaching sessions and opera scenes or assisting and conducting performances of opera productions.

Application period: 15.02. - 15.03.

The entrance auditions take place annually.
The next auditions expected: 12-14.06.2024. 


Information on application

Advanced Professional Training for Conductors

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