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Craft Techniques in BA

Master's students may choose to take these subjects as an elective.


Material Design

Students learn techniques such as experimental handling of different substances/materials, surface treatment, various casting and shaping techniques, plastic development of designs, dyeing techniques, material explorations and their modes of action.

Conducted by Vivien Waneck, werkstattkollektiv


Textile production techniques / practical design implementation

In the costume workshop, students work on setting up basic cuts, implementing historical and contemporary patterns, and textile processing techniques.

Conducted by Rebekka Grimm


Drawing Techniques  

Students learn various painting and drawing techniques, the interaction of color, figurative-spatial drawing, and representational translation of fabrics and their surface textures.

Conducted by Dorothee Billard


Introduction to Make-up Design

Students will be introduced to Hair and Make-up as part of costume design work: Basics of different make-up techniques for theater and film, basics of face and hair changes, mask making. 

Conducted by Birte Meier



Depending on the semester topics, further subject-specific courses are offered.

Conducted by alternating lecturers