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Emergency presence of the universities

Emergency presence of the universities in the Land Berlin from Friday, 20.3.2020, after closing time: 

"Presence emergency operation" means (in brief)

  • The university buildings will be closed from Friday closing time.
  • Only a few people who are absolutely necessary for the emergency operation may have access. 
  • All work still in progress will be stopped and completed.
  • All members who do not need to be at the university will stay at home. 
  • Employees who still have to work for the emergency service, as determined by management and superiors, will work in the home office as far as possible.
  • Employees who no longer have to perform regular duties will keep themselves available by e-mail. 
  • The managers coordinate the necessary tasks.
  • The continued payment of wages is maintained. 
  • Further information will follow. Please keep up to date via email and homepage. 

We are well prepared from the various votes of the last days. 
Many thanks to all of you for your commitment, cooperation and understanding in this special situation. 

All the best for the future,
Your university administration

Latest changes: 19 March 2020

ATTENTION: You can find an UPDATE of the regulations on emergency presence at the Berlin University of the Arts from 20 March 2020 here!

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