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UPDATE - Regulations for emergency presence at the Berlin University of the Arts

Regulations for emergency presence at the Berlin University of the Arts Friday, from 20.03.2020 closing time.

Building Management  
The technical operation of the buildings will continue. 

1. Access to the university
(The opening hours of the buildings were updated on 27.03.2020)

In principle, the university is closed during the period of emergency operation. 
Employees who need access to the university for operational reasons are granted access via the gatekeeper / caretaker at the following times:

  • As of week 14 the locations Bundesallee, Fasanensstraße, Hardenbergstraße 33, Lietzenburger Straße are open from: Mon, Wed, Fri: 10.00 -15.00 hrs 

  • Einsteinufer is initially open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm for the emergency operation of the central administration (designated employees)

  • All other houses are closed - with access for the authorized persons on the lists if required directly via individual agreement with the caretakers

The specified lists of employees who require access for operational work are located at the gates. Authorization slips will follow. 
The number of persons must be limited to the indispensable minimum.

The locations Grainauer Str., Franklinstr., Salzufer, Grunewaldstraße are closed.

2. Accessibility of the department of building management and occupational safety

  • Switchboard 3185-0 (Mon-Fri from 10 to 15 o'clock)
  • Hardenbergstr. control centre (24h): 3185 2222

3. Drinking water supply, electricity supply, heating
During the period of emergency operation, the drinking water supply is not interrupted.
There are no interruptions to the power supply.
The heating will run in night mode.

4. lighting / electrical appliances
The corridor lighting will be partially shut down. 
Switching off the lighting in offices and other rooms is carried out by the users themselves.
Please switch off all unnecessary equipment, lights, cooling devices etc.
Refrigerators in the tea kitchens must be cleared, defrosted and disconnected from the mains.

5. building security
The security and control of the buildings is carried out by the Building Management Department.
The rooms are to be prepared by the departments for an absence by Friday 20.03.2020 and left in an orderly manner. 

The following regulations apply to employees and staff

  • The indispensable tasks of emergency operation were defined in agreement between the university management, heads of the departments (faculties / centres) and superiors. 
  • If employees and service staff are not required to maintain emergency operation, they will stay at home. They keep themselves informed once a day via their official e-mail address and the UdK homepage. They can be consulted if it is necessary for their work, for example if a substitute is needed or if a new situation arises. 
  • Employees who are designated for emergency operations take over the tasks assigned to them by their superiors. Where possible, this is done in the home office. Where necessary, the tasks are performed by being present at the workplace. The definition was made by the superiors in coordination with the heads of the departments and the university management.
  • The managers coordinate the task fulfilment of their areas for emergency operation and are available. 
  • The continued payment of wages is maintained for all employees and service personnel. 
  • During the period of emergency operation, the regulations on framework working hours and core working hours are suspended. Times of presence/availability are coordinated directly with superiors.

Household affairs

  1. Transactions affecting payment (ordering / purchasing) are to be reduced to what is absolutely necessary.
  2. At the university, payment transactions are carried out by email exchange. The authorized persons are informed.
  3. Deadlines for refunds have been lifted as of today, so that refunds can still be submitted when normal operations resume. 
  4. The Central Awarding Office for Supplies and Services will be closed temporarily. 

Study Matters

  • All upcoming examinations will be cancelled until further notice. They will be offered at a later date. 
  • The Berlin universities have also agreed that deadlines for registration and submission of Bachelor's and Master's theses, final theses and comparable study and examination papers, as well as doctoral deadlines will be extended by two months. There may be further adjustments to these deadlines if the university is suspended for a longer period of time and the libraries are also closed for longer periods. 
  • The acceptance of applications for a place at university is temporarily suspended.
  • The application deadlines are thus also suspended. 
  • Information is available via the campus management and the homepage.
  • In due course, the procedures will be resumed and, in consultation with the departments, appropriate schedules will be agreed upon as to how admissions for the winter semester 2020/21 could still take place. 
  • The IPA remains available for urgent enquiries by e-mail in the home office, the responsible administrators are to be contacted by e-mail. 
  • The Student Advisory Service and the Study Guide answer urgent inquiries by mail. 
  • Feedback is still possible within the known deadlines. After consultation with the IPA, re-registration blocks can be initially suspended or postponed for a further semester so that re-registration for the summer semester 2020 can take place first. Missing certificates and examination papers can be submitted at a later date. The last date for sending study certificates with bvg ticket is 31.3.2020. 

International Affairs

IT / system support

  • System administration and system backup will continue.
  • Please report malfunctions or urgent needs in the administration systems to the known email address intra-support_ 
  • All employees, also in teaching, art and science, please inform themselves about the services at: 
  • The requested home office accesses are all set up. Applications for additional home office access must be submitted by superiors to the Chancellor and the Head of Human Resources. 

Mail delivery

  • The internal mail delivery to the houses that are not closed will be maintained 


20 March 2020


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