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Current regulations for access to the buildings

In addition to the regulations concerning access to the buildings of the UdK Berlin (of 11 May 2020), the following will apply from 25 May 2020:

1. employees in administration and service

  • As a rule, you should continue to work in your home office.
  • Employees have access to their offices without prior notice if their superiors determine the need for attendance times.
  • Necessary attendance times should be provided in individual offices.

2. teaching staff to whom a room is assigned

  • Teachers who are personally assigned an office or a studio / workroom have access to the rooms assigned to them during opening hours without prior notice.
  • Attendances are to be limited to absolutely necessary requirements.

3. other individual needs in the faculties

  • The deans / directors decide on the approval of further requirements for individual use of rooms in the faculties by employees and teaching staff.
  • The provisions of the present risk assessments apply. Compliance with the hygiene rules must be ensured.
  • Attendances are to be limited to the absolutely necessary requirements.

The following applies to the three constellations mentioned above

  • No advance notice must be given at the gates.
  • The persons register themselves at the gates in lists.
  • As a rule, people use the main entrances during building opening hours.
  • The opening hours of the buildings are to be observed in principle and without exception. Opening hours of the buildings:

4. Individual student work / practice in the rooms as well as work by small groups in teaching and research (according to the defined phases 1 and 2):

  • The generally intended use of the rooms is only to be approved for the first time by the university management.
  • The weekly named occupancy plans are submitted by the faculties directly to the gates.
  • It is only possible to make changes to the occupancy lists up to 24 hours in advance, in order to make it possible to track the exact day's room occupancy via the gates.
  • Students always identify themselves at the gates with their student ID card for quick comparison with the occupancy lists.
  • Students can only enter the Buildings with individual permission and pre-registration at the gates.
  • The faculties and centres must ensure that the risk assessments and hygiene rules are observed.

Unless otherwise stated above, the regulations of 11 May 2020 continue to apply.

Status: 21 May 2020