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Applications for an exchange 2024/25

Welcome to our website about the application procedure for study abroad at one of our partner universities in and outside of Europe.
The UdK Berlin offers three different programs within which you can study at another university for one semester in 2024/25 and enjoy the benefits of an organized study abroad.

Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP)
Intercontinental Studies Abroad (ISA) 

There is no legal claim to funding.

The application procedure for a specific exchange spot takes place once a year and has two stages:

In the first stage you apply within your study program. If your application is successful, you will be nominated for a specific exchange spot by the exchange coordinators on the basis of selection criteria specific to your course of study. A nomination does NOT automatically mean admission to the partner university but offers you the opportunity to participate in the simplified admission procedure for exchange students there. 

Application deadline: January 8, 2024 (exceptions for study programs at the HZT).

In the online application form, you can indicate up to three universities by priority. The decision at which partner university you may apply in the second stage (the external application procedure) lies with the exchange coordinators of your study program. You will be nominated for 1 concrete exchange spot if your application is successful and can then apply there.

Students of Music and Singing/Musical Theater can apply to up to 3 partner universities simultaneously. The coordinators of these programs must confirm the application but do not nominate their students.

The information on the application procedure, which you will receive from the responsible exchange coordinators of your study program and by public announcements, is relevant.

The decision on your internal application and nomination will be communicated to you in mid-February 2024 at the earliest.

Please note that each study program has its own partnerships. Students can only apply for exchange spots that are advertised for their specific degree program. An overview of the current exchange spots can be found here. 


All full-time and part-time studentsof the UdK Berlin can participate in the exchange program, regardless of age, nationality and country of origin.

The earliest possible start for a stay abroad is the third semester in the Bachelor's program and the second semester in the Master's program (for consecutive programs, possibly already the first semester in the Master's program). All applicants are expected to have good academic performance and a good knowledge of the language of instruction at the respective host university. We recommend at least a B1 level. However, our partner universities may make higher demands on your language skills.

Scholarships can only be awarded for stays abroad at universities with which we have an agreement for a specific course of study. You can find your exchange opportunities here.

Applications from international students who are applying for an exchange spot in their own home country will be evaluated as so-called "back to the roots" applications with lower priority.

Applications from students who have already completed all of their studies also have a lower priority in the selection process. They do not belong to the target group of our mobility scholarships. Nevertheless, a scholarship is possible.

Selection and Nomination

The internal selection and nomination procedure ( first stage of the application process) takes place in the student's own study program.

Application deadline: January 8, 2024

There is only one application deadline for the academic year 2024/25. Even if you would like to go abroad in the summer semester 2025, your application must be submitted in January 2024.

Application documents:
All applicants must submit at least the application form, a CV and a letter of motivation to the responsible exchange coordinators

The application form is to be completed online.

Students of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Teacher Training, Visual Communication, Art and Media, Music, Music Teacher Taining, and Jazz require the endorsement and signature of the subject class instructor, module responsible or major instructor. Please have this document signed and submit it with the other documents.

Depending on the program of study, the following additional documents may be required:

  • Architecture: portfolio digital, max. 8 MB
  • Fine Arts / Fine Arts Teacher Training: Portfolio digital as PDF, integrated links if applicable
  • Stage Design: Portfolio, max. 5 MB, application digital or online link
  • GWK: Please note the requirements on the website of the study program
  • Costume Design: portfolio, max. 5 MB, application digital or online link
  • Art in Context: portfolio digital (PDF, if applicable with integrated links)
  • Art and Media: digital portfolio, max. 5 MB
  • Fashion Design: digital short portfolio, PDF, max. 5 MB, no links
  • Music: no additional documents for the application deadline
  • Product Design: digital short portfolio, PDF, max. 5 MB, no links
  • Dance: no additional documents for the application deadline
  • Theater Pedagogy / Teaching Theater: no additional documents
  • Visual Communication: digital portfolio, max. 5 MB

If you are unclear about the documents to be submitted, please contact your responsible exchange coordinator in your study program. Your documents will NOT be forwarded to the partner universities but will be used exclusively for the internal selection and nomination procedure in the study program.

Application Portal

Online application portal

You must first register as a new user in the MoveOn application system on the right side. You will then receive a confirmation email and a link to set your personal password. If you have already participated in a selection process in previous years or if you have received a PROMOS scholarship, please use the access data you set up at that time. In the next step, log in on the left side of the application portal and get started.

Then start the form "Exchange 2024/25 - Outgoing - Study" and make your entries.

Enter your personal data, select your preferred universities, submit the form, save the generated application form and submit all additional application documents to the exchange coordinators by the deadline. Please note that only complete application documents can be considered. Take care of everything in time. In the christmas season everything takes longer.

Good luck!

External Application at the Host Institution

Between mid-February and mid-March you will receive your nomination from the International Office as well as important information on the FORMAL APPLICATION PROCEDURE at the partner university.

Please note:

The nomination on the part of your study program at the UdK Berlin for a specific exchange opportunity does not automatically mean admission to the partner university!

Each partner university decides independently on the applications received. Please strive for high quality. The timely receipt of your application documents at the host university is your own responsibility.

Depending on the application deadline at the host university, an acceptance or rejection can sometimes only be expected from May to July (or for the summer semester 2024 only in November / December).

We, the team of the International Office, keep our fingers crossed for you and are happy to support you in your application to our partner universities!