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ERASMUS+ 2021-2027

The new ERASMUS+ program (start: summer term 22)

Handbook Exchange Summer 2022

The European Commission has launched the new ERASMUS+ program, which will enable students of the UdK Berlin to go abroad to study or intern starting in the summer semester of 2022.

The focus of the new program generation is on social inclusion, green and digital development, promoting young people's participation in democratic life, as well as continuing to address the recognition of academic achievements.

The European Union's scholarship program promotes student mobility and cooperation between universities in Europe. In addition, it primarily strengthens international skills, personal development and employability of students.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a financially supported exchange for study purposes at a partner university. Funding is only possible if an Erasmus+ agreement already exists between the participating universities.

The UdK has been awarded the "Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027" as part of the ERASMUS+ program. 



OID: E10052772

Erasmus+ partner universities of the UdK Berlin are located in Austria, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Greece, Iceland, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Romania and Turkey.

At the UdK Berlin, all degree programs participating in the program have their own partnerships. In the overview of all partners you can see which valid partnerships exist for your study program. It is not possible to apply for places in other study programs.

The rights and obligations of Erasmus+ participants are summarized in the Erasmus+ Charter for Students. This is valid for the complete program generation from 2021 to 2027.
The UdK Berlin describes all mobility measures in more detail in the European Policy Statement (EPS).

The ERASMUS+ scholarship offers:

  • waiver of tuition fees at the host university
  • simplified admission procedure at the host university
  • temporary enrollment at the host university
  • financial support for additional costs incurred abroad
  • support in the preparation and implementation of the project abroad by the UdK Berlin and the host university
  • special grants for parents with children, persons with disabilities (>20 GdB), and persons with chronic illnesses.
  • special grants for environmentally friendly and sustainable travel
  • improvement of foreign language skills through the OLS online linguistic support for the working language at the host university
  • simplified recognition procedure of academic achievements with the help of the Learning Agreement

How do I apply for ERASMUS+?

At the end of November or beginning of December, the exchange places for the coming academic year will be published. The most important information about the exchange will be provided at the StudyAbroad information events for the individual study programs at the UdK. The current dates can be found here.

The application period for exchange mobilities runs annually from December 1 to January 10.
Detailed information on the application process can be found here.

After a successful application within the program, nominated students will be contacted by the International Office of the UdK Berlin by mid-February at the latest. In addition, nominated students will be informed about further documents required by the partner university (e.g. language test, transcript of records, copy of passport) as well as the local application deadline by which all documents must be received by the partner university.

You are impatient? All partner universities have information for ERASMUS Incomings on their websites. There you will also find initial information about the further application process.

A nomination does not automatically mean admission to the host university. In most cases, you will go through a simplified admission procedure there, in which a decision will be made about your application.

Depending on the application deadline of the partner university, you can expect an acceptance or rejection between March and July.

The Digital Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is an important part of the ERASMUS+ scholarship contract. It bindingly regulates the study project at the host university and the recognition of achievements abroad.

For the first time, a completely digital Learning Agreement is obligatory for outgoings in the summer semester 2022, which will be completed via the so-called EWP interface with all parties involved (students, home university, host university). Test runs are still in progress and we expect delays and difficulties. 

But we also know that it will work out eventually, so don't worry :-)