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International Scholarship Holders

Personal Acceptance Letter („Betreuungszusage“)

Usually, scholarships (such as DAAD, Fulbright or governmental ones) are intended for individual study/research projects. In most cases, application is possible only once a year - and at least a year ahead of the beginning of the study abroad. Therefore, you should try to gather all necessary information in time, and start the process of addressing professors of your choice at UdK, describing your motivation, offering samples of your artistic work and asking for an individual acceptance letter (“Betreuungszusage”).


DAAD, Fulbright-Commission, Governmental Grants

UdK Berlin accepts scholarship holders of the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD (worldwide), the Fulbright Commission (USA only) or of governmental programmes by their home countries for individually organized study or research projects.

Generally, we recommend getting in contact first of all with the office in charge for the respective scholarship programme. This is where you would have to submit your scholarship application later on.

Application Process at UdK Berlin

At UdK there are two ways for individual scholarship-holders:

  • With the personal acceptance by one of our professors you could either get enrolled for the duration of the scholarship without the opportunity of reaching a degree,
  • or you could aim for a degree if you apply as a regular student and pass the obligatory entrance examination at UdK - independently from any scholarship.

Please find more information on the DAAD- and Fulbright-programs here:

Visa/Residence Permit

Regarding your visa/residence permit you are recommended to turn to the German Embassy in order to apply for a “D-Visa”. A D-Visa is valid for up to 12 months and exempts from the requirement to apply for a residence permit in Berlin. Please also refer to our information pages on visa and residence.

Here you can also find DAAD recommendations on climate-friendly travel:

Enrolment at UdK Berlin for Scholarship Holders

For degree-seeking scholarship holders

All the details regarding the enrolment process (date, documents) will be sent together with the acceptance letter.

For non-degree seeking scholarship holders

There is no specific deadline at UdK to get enrolled. Please inform us about your expected arrival in Berlin so we can arrange an appointment to speak personally about further steps to take.

The following documents are necessary for a limited enrolment (duration of scholarship) as non-degree seeking student:

You have to transfer the semester fee of around 263.49 EUR (it includes a ticket for public transport for 6 months), to prove sufficient health insurance (which is normally provided by DAAD/Fulbright) and submit your letter of award as well as the so-called “Betreuungszusage” (personal acceptance letter) by one of our professors.

The fee can be transferred to the following account:

Kasse der Techn. Universität Berlin

IBAN: DE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46


Berliner Volksbank

Verwendungszweck: 35/01056, (please mention DAAD and your name as well!)


UdK does not run any dormitories unfortunately. Those are centrally administrated by the Studentenwerk  ( For scholarship holders UdK can try to reserve a place. Unfortunately, however, we don’t have any influence on the location, room facilities, rent etc. If you would prefer, however, living not private but in a student dormitory, please turn to my colleague in charge for this matter: Anna.Fudala_  (in your request please mention DAAD!!).

Please find further information on accommodation here.

Contact for Scholarship Holders

Please feel free to contact us, should you have further questions!


Barbara Aiko Garnier

Einsteinufer 43, room 16 a

Phone: +49 (0)30 3185 2196 / 2281