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Current projects

Since 2015 many projects with and for refugees have been initiated at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin), both on a student and institutional level. What follows is a brief introduction of all current projects.

"Fit für die Künste" - Study preparation courses for refugees at UdK Berlin

Updated on 29 September 2022

The "Fit für die Künste" programme offers free study preparation courses for refugees who wish to apply for a course of study at a German university of art or music. The workshops are categorized into four different areas: Study Orientation & Application Preparation, Intercultural Study Skills, Empowerment & Resilience, Specialist Languages for Creative Study Subjects.

In September and October 2022 a compact workshop programme is taking place. You can find further information here:

All workshops are free of charge. They are funded by the DAAD as part of the INTEGRA Programme by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS

Updated on 29 September 2022

The project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS is a qualification program at the UdK Berlin Career College for artists in exile. The teaching goals of the training programs are networking in the local cultural and creative industries, strategic positioning in the respective artistic direction and establishment in the Berlin job market. From August to December 2022, four blocks and one networking event for exiled artists and the continuation of the Artist Training Lab series are planned.


Workshops, excursions, consultings for Music, Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Film

4/10 – 20/11 MUSIC with Geraldine Hepp and Ganna Gryniva

5/10 – 20/11 FILM with Kerstin Nickig and Natalija Yefimkina

Okt. – Nov.  PERFORMING ARTS with Saskia Köbschall and Anton Kats

Okt. – Nov.  FINE ARTS




Updated on 5 September 2022

Refugee student applicantscan  participate in courses at UdK Berlin as GUEST AUDITORS+ in the winter semester 2022/23, subject to the approval of the teaching staff. This is also possible for practical art classes after approval by the faculty and the teachers. Furthermore, it is possible for GUEST AUDITORS+ to take part in examinations and have this certified by lecturers. For further information regarding the GUEST AUDITORS+ application, please click here.




Updated on 17 March 2022

The UdK Berlin student initiative "COMMON GROUNDuses various channels to promote networking between students and refugees in order to make the possibilities that studying at an art school offers for personal and artistic development more accessible.

Their main activities include the "How To Study" workshop series and the mentoring programme "Common Ground Studio".

More information about Common Ground and their projects can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

The project is funded by the DAAD as part of the WELCOME programme from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Updated on 5 September 2022

The Counseling Centre Artist Training Berlin is offering initial consultation and referral for all fields at the University of the Arts Berlin. The goal is to find tailor-made offers and contact persons for prospective students, students, researchers and professional artists with a refugee background.

Since 2016, the Project Artist Training Berlin has offered information and contacts in 33 modules for over 400 artists in exile, media professionals and creative people from the following sectors: Music, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Film and initially Cultural Journalism.

The Project Artist Training Berlin is funded by the Governing Mayor of Berlin / Senate Chancellery - Science and Research.

International Office and Studium Generale receive confirmation of funding from the DAAD

Good news from the International Office and the Intercultural Mentoring Programme of Studium Generale: The International Office and Studium Generale have received a confirmation of funding from the DAAD of over 100,000 EUR for the initiatives Common Ground, Fit für die Künste and Beyond UdK for 2022. Please find more information here.

Past projects

If you want to know more about past projects, please click here (only available in German).