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Councelling Center Artist Training Berlin

Artist Training

Artist Training Berlin

The Councelling Center Artist Training Berlin provides information for all artists in exile who want to access Berlin University of the Arts as a student, an alumni, as a professional or as a researcher.

#Open Consultation wednesdays 10-11 am

#Workshop-Series “How to Study at UdK Berlin”
#Highlights Artist Training Prize

Contact: Melanie Waldheim, Berlin Career College of the UdK Berlin, Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 Berlin, room 161 / +49 30 3185 2710 / artisttraining-ziw_ 
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Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS

From May to November 2023, four coaching programmes and online workshops as well as the Artist Training Lab series of events on diversity-sensitive organizational development will be offered.

THUR 09/11 13-16 pm How to organize your money (UdK Berlin) – Mahmoud Achour

THUR 09/11 13-16 pm How to protect your rights / Media Law (UdK Berlin) – Martin Thiele

THUR 16/11 13-16 pm How to finance yourself: project and artists funding (UdK Berlin) – Lucas Borkowski

THUR 23/11 13-16 pm How to calculate your own fee (Intro Hamburg) – Epona Hamdan

THUR 30/11 13-16 pm How to position yourself in the media? (Intro Hamburg) – Aisha Camara

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Third party councelling for scholars and artists at risk

The Department for Funding and Cooperation advises academics and artists who are at risk and have to leave their country or who have already fled and are in Germany or Europe. We discuss with you the possibilities of obtaining a scholarship at the UdK Berlin with third-party funding or implementing a research project or artistic project. For all these projects, it is necessary to find a professor at the university who is a good fit for your project and who will support you.

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