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Handschrift: Liza Bokeria, Georgisch, (Fakultät Gestaltung, Architektur)

 source: Momo Anders und Leon Hochhäuser


You can find all information on the (wheelchair) accessibility of the locations here.

During Rundgang 2024, the awareness team and security staff will be available to help you if you need support or have any questions. On the days of the event, you can reach the awareness team by phone or via Whatsapp and Signal.The phone number will be published here on July 19.

If you have any questions before the Rundgang, please contact rundgang_ or Christian Schmidts, the representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses, on

+49 (0)1525 3088865



Admission is free. No tickets are required.

Students, teachers and staff of the UdK Berlin as well as external participants in the Rundgang program receive priority admission on all days. Registration is required for this.

We ask all students, teachers and staff of the UdK Berlin as well as all program participants to register early to ensure smooth admission. Only those who are registered and can show a wristband will be given priority admission.

Information on registration can be found here. The employee or student ID alone does not allow priority admission to the event.

To ensure that our security concept can be adhered to, there will be an admission restriction for the locations Hardenbergstraße 33 and Grunewaldstraße 2–5. This was determined in advance on the basis of the security concept and the fire protection proposal. If admission is temporarily stopped, this may be because the upper limit for the number of people in the building has been reached.

At the entrance, the security service also ensures that no dangerous objects or glass bottles are brought into the building.

You can find the opening hours of the Rundgang 2024 here. Please note that these differ from the regular opening hours of the locations during the Rundgang.


The Rundgang 2024 will take place at the following locations:


Bundesallee 1–12, 10719 Berlin

Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof, Dörpfeldstraße 56, 12489 Berlin

Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin

Fasanenstraße 1 B, 10623 Berlin

Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz (HZT), Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin

Jazz-Institut Berlin, Einsteinufer 43-53 10587 Berlin

Konzertsaal Hardenbergstraße / Ecke Fasanenstraße, 10623 Berlin

Lietzenburger Straße 45, 10777 Berlin

Medienhaus, Grunewaldstraße 2–5, 10823 Berlin

Straße des 17. Juni 118, 10623 Berlin


Further information on how to get to the individual locations can be found on the UdK service pages.


The UdK Berlin is a place of artistic and academic freedom and of critical but always respectful exchange. We ask for an open mind for diverse perspectives. We do not tolerate hate speech and discrimination. You can view the UdK Berlin Code of Conduct (in German) here.

To make the Rundgang 2024 safe for everyone, an awareness team will be present on all days at the Hardenbergstraße 33 and on the opening day at the Grunewaldstraße 2–5. You will recognize the members of the awareness team by their purple vests with the label “Awareness”.

Should you feel uncomfortable or observe inappropriate behavior, please contact the awareness team or the security staff. This applies without exception for all locations on the Rundgang. The telephone number of the awareness team will be published here on July 19.

The awareness team is staffed by employees from the Access Network. The Access Network combines classic security tasks with a feminist approach, discrimination-sensitive working methods, communicative solution strategies, self-critical reflection and an awareness approach. We also have awareness staff at the door to mediate in potential conflict situations.

Fire protection, evacuation, escape routes

Fire protection assistants, recognizable by red vests with the label "Brandschutz" (fire protection), are on site to ensure the safety of the event. The escape and rescue routes are clearly marked on all buildings and posted at central points in the building.

Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all buildings.

Food & Beverages

A catering company offers food and drinks in the garden of Hardenbergstraße 33. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are also available.

Individual classes organize individual bars at all locations.

To make the Rundgang as sustainable as possible, there will be deposit systems at the locations.

Lost & Found

You can hand in or collect lost property at the building gates.

Opening Event

The Rundgang will be officially opened by the President of the UdK Berlin on July 19 at 5 p.m. at Straße des 17. Juni 118, 10623 Berlin. The event is open to the public.

Information on the opening hours of all locations can be found here.

Opening hours

You can find the exact opening hours of the individual locations here.

Please note that the opening hours during Rundgang differ from the regular opening hours of the locations.


Admission is free at all locations on the Rundgang.

Shops, catering services and bars are operated individually by various companies and other departments of the university. Cash payment will be possible at all locations, payment by card only in exceptional cases.

Press and Communication

Press and media representatives can contact the Press/Communications Department with their inquiries.

The department is also responsible for the UdK Berlin's central social media channels on Instagram, X (Twitter) and Facebook. In addition, there are many other social media presences of various degree programs, institutes and work areas of the UdK Berlin, which contribute to making the versatility of the university visible during Rundgang.


The digital program is available here. A printed program is available at the individual locations.

Students and teachers of the UdK Berlin exhibit their work at the respective locations of their faculties and study programs.

All contacts of the faculties and centers for the Rundgang are listed under Team and Contact on the UdK Berlin website.

Due to the large number of offers, it is unfortunately not possible to avoid overlaps in the program.


During the Rundgang, glass bottles are not allowed in the buildings. The bars work with deposit systems. We ask everyone to ensure that they dispose and separate their waste correctly.


Members and participants of the UdK Berlin have priority admission on all three Rundgang days. Registration is required for priority admission. Only registration and presentation of the wristband as proof will allow priority admission. You can register from July 3. All information about registration can be found here.

Members and participants of the UdK Berlin can pick up a wristband at the ticket counter in the foyer of the concert hall from Monday, July 15, 2024, after prior registration. Registration and wristband are necessary to receive priority admission to Rundgang.


It is not possible to reserve seats for individual events. An exception to this is SCHAU24, where registration is handled by the College of Architecture, Media and Design.


In order to make the event safe for everyone, trained staff will be on site for security, fire safety and the implementation of the awareness concept.

The use of professionally trained security personnel is mandatory by law for public events of the size of the Rundgang. The tasks of the security service include admission at Hardenbergstrasse 33 and Grunewaldstrasse 2–5 as well as securing the event, i.e. its visitors, equipment and infrastructure. The security personnel wear green vests with the label "Security". There are also employees who are on site to ensure fire protection. You can recognize them by their red vests with the label "Brandschutz". An external awareness team is on site for conflict situations. You can recognize this team by the purple vests with the label "Awareness". The awareness team is also present at the entrance to the Hardenbergstraße 33 site.

The employees have received extensive training prior to the Rundgang. The handout on the briefing can be accessed in advance and will be published here in July.

The task of the security personnel on site is also to prevent damage to property, vandalism, theft and to guard and secure material and infrastructure. Damage to property or theft should be reported to the security personnel or the event management.

This year, the company Boretti Solutions has been commissioned to provide security for the event.


Members of the Berlin University of the Arts can pick up a wristband at the ticket counter in the concert hall foyer from Monday, July 15, 2024, after registering in advance. Registration and wristbands are required to receive priority admission to the Rundgang.

You can find out more about registration and admission here.

Further Information

Bar operating classes can use the delivery entrance for individual beverage delivery. In consultation with event management, the vendor entrance may be used for individual beverage deliveries for individual classes. Beverage deliveries via the main entrance are excluded.

We welcome suggestions, tips and questions for the Rundgang 2024 at rundgang_