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History of the Rundgang design competition of the UdK Berlin

Rundgang-Motive aus dem Wettbewerb 2023

 source: UdK Berlin

The Rundgang Design

Over three days, at the end of the academic year, the Berlin University of the Arts invites interested public members to visit all four colleges' workshops, ateliers, studios, and rehearsal rooms. For students at the UdK Berlin, the Rundgang - Open Days is an event that generates many positive emotions and excitement. Semester and graduation works are shown and performed on which students have worked intensively throughout the semester. Every year, the ever-changing image in the run-up to the Rundgang is the subject of discussion. The design shows students' interpretations of studying, working, developing, designing, and living at and with the UdK Berlin.


The Rundgang - Open Days of the Berlin University of the Arts is advertised every year throughout Berlin with a new design.

Today: The design of the Rundgang motif is decided in a design competition. Alternating each year, students from the four visual communication classes at the UdK Berlin present designs in a semester project, which are then presented in a jury session.

The four classes are:
Illustration - Prof. Henning Wagenbreth
Graphic Design / Communication Design - Prof. Fons Hickmann
Informationdesign - Prof. David Skopec
Campaign Design - Prof. Barbara Kotte

The jury consists of the President of the UdK Berlin, the professor of the respective class, another professor of Visual Communication, the head of the Press/Communication Office, the head of the Office of Interfaculty Events, the head of the Strategic Marketing Office and an external expert.

The winner will develop all communication materials in close cooperation with the Office of Interfaculty Events, as well as graphics for the journal in cooperation with the Office of Press/Communications and creative products for the UdK:shop in cooperation with the Office of Strategic Marketing.

How was it before?

2012: With the desire to position the Berlin University of the Arts as a cultural brand, the design of the Rundgang motif was conceptually renewed in 2012. The possibilities for the design of the entire Rundgang media have been expanded even further by the significant reduction of obligatory elements. The design concept of Töchter + Söhne at that time, for example, specified the placement and font of the tour logo and the UdK Berlin logo.

2007 - 2011: In 2007, the student communications agency Töchter + Söhne created a concept for the design of the communication media. The design framework of the Rundgang was to be of consistent quality and clearly recognizable to establish the UdK Berlin's Rundgang in city life firmly. The development of the annual motif was then handed over to different study programs each year. Despite the word/picture mark developed with the UdK Berlin's house font, which represented a recognizable brand, there was still room for the annually changing motifs.

2001 - 2006: From 2001 to 2006, the design of the communication media for the tour was coordinated by the University Event Department in cooperation with the Marketing Department. For the assignment of the design task, the employees contacted various creative minds to select the motifs. Thus, in addition to students of the fine arts classes, alumni or freelance graphic designers and graphic artists took on visualizing the Rundgang.

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