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Suah Im

„Station“, 2019, Performance-, Videoinstallation (Baumwolljersey, Epoxidharz, Strumpfhose, Motor, Metall, Gummimatte, Räder, Ölfarbe, Fernseher, Stuhl), Maße variabel

 source: Suah Im

„Die Ameise(Gye-Mi) sagt mit den geöffneten Nasenlöchern: Alles wird gut!“, 2021, Performance-Videoinstallation (Draht, Fernseher, Stoff, Epoxidharz, Schlauch, Wasser, Wasserpumpe), Maße variabel

 source: Suah Im

„Übermensch(Knoblauchmann) erschien!“, 2021, Videoinstallation (Stoff, Epoxidharz, Draht, Gipsbinden, Monitor, Zeichnungen), 10’00”, 3840 x 2160 px

 source: Suah Im

„Ein Sprecher und ein Zuhörer“, 2022, Rauminstallation (Puppen, Motoren, Stoff, Metall, Steuerung, Zeichnungen), Maße Variabel

 source: Suah Im

In her artistic works, Suah Im explores the complexity of human identity through multimedia strategies. By combining different cultural backgrounds and characteristics as well as the concepts and principles of Daoism and traditional myths, she metaphorically expands the meaning of an ego and reflects the complexity and mutability of identity.

In doing so, she addresses pressing questions of an individual such as finding one's way in foreign places, physical and psychological limits, self-optimization and lack of drive.

Her artistic work includes installations, drawings, films, and performances, and through their combinations offers a profound narrative about the nature of an ego from a social perspective.

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