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Aline Schwörer

Torsion, 2021, Bioplastik, Stahl, 200 cm x 200 cm

 source: Aline Schwörer

Torsion, 2021, Keramik, Beton, Epoxidharz, Pumpe, Wasser, 120 cm x 130 cm x 40 xm

 source: Aline Schwörer

Torsion 2021, Stahl, Epoxidharz, Pigment, 200 cm x 40 cm

 source: Aline Schwörer

Torsion [from late latin: torsio = rotation]: (Mis)rotation of an organ.

In her works, Aline Schwörer questions the interplay of man, environment and time. She sets up hypothetical future scenarios and fakes archaeological products. The series of works Torsion shows a complex, expansive installation in which different life forms intertwine and form an independent ecosystem. In the objects, naturalness and artificiality merge inseparably, creating their very own taxonomy. At the same time, each individual object invites a tactile confrontation, in that they are sometimes soft and crumpled, glow in the dark, or water bubbles out of them. The viewers themselves become explorers of this future-visionary biotope.

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