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Nils Blau

Orchetra(te) is a multisensory sound installation.
The objects are instruments. Together they create an atmosphere that oscillates between a natural and at the same time alienating acoustic. This same duality is mirrored in the visual formal language of the installation as well. The coral-like sculptures refer to a recognition value of natural forms and at the same time break this perception through their materiality.
The work reflects on the relationship between the anthropocentric perception of our nature and nature itself. A culture-dependent hybridity is suggested in the visual and phonic representation, which goes beyond a transrelational perception and instrumentalization of nature as an allegorical entity.

Nils Blau / Orchestra(te) / 500 x 500 x 170 cm / Keramik, Stahlplatten, Lautsprecher / 2021

 source: Raphael Fischer-Dieskau

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