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Rebecca Zerbe

Ausnahmezustand [aus: Wellenatlas], Buntstift auf Papier, 9 mal jeweils 24 x 30cm, 2021

 source: Rebecca Zerbe

Wellenatlas, Buntstift auf Papier, ca. 290 x 400cm, 2021

 source: Rebecca Zerbe

Wendepunkt VII [aus: Wendepunkt], Buntstift auf Papier, 16 x 24cm, 2022

 source: Rebecca Zerbe

My works are an attempt to make chaos visible in an order. In the process, I am concerned with the moment of powerlessness as well as individual action-play-space.

Play-space. That is also the paper.
The word 'play ́ comes from the Old High German word 'spil ́, which means dance or dance movement. Dance is a movement of the body. Movement is a change of place; of position; of attitude.
To move in a play space is not to be absolved of responsibility.

It's also about storytelling. About the representation of an event.
By combining different snapshots, an event becomes visible in which both immobility and mobility are addressed.

In addition, I am always concerned with a poetic moment.
The poetic potential of irritation.
The recognition of the familiar in an unfamiliar context.


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