How to Curate an Art Exhibition

If you're an artist or a curator preparing to organize an exhibition, this workshop is designed to provide you with essential insights for curating a successful art exhibition. Curating an exhibition demands a diverse skill set encompassing coordination, management, marketing, and communication. Throughout this workshop, we'll delve into crucial topics such as:

  • Defining the exhibition concept

  • Crafting artwork statements

  • Compiling exhibition sheets with image credits, artist names, title, and text

  • Crafting a compelling press release

  • Creating effective Social Media events

We'll also explore practical aspects like finding a suitable gallery, collaborating as a curator for a gallery, facilitating communication between artists and gallerists, and maintaining liaison with the gallery. During this comprehensive 5-hour session, I'll provide practical insights drawn from my experience as an independent curator in contemporary art.


Key highlights of the workshop include:

  • Understanding the dynamics of curating in contemporary art

  • Navigating artist-gallerists relationships with finesse

  • Crafting effective press kits for both online and offline platforms

  • Strategic communication and marketing tactics

  • Research methodologies for curatorial projects

  • Budgeting and seeking funding opportunities

  • Drafting consignment agreements

  • Managing shipping logistics

Join us for a workshop on curating in contemporary art, where we'll explore how effective management and communication skills are at the core of curatorial practice.


Kurzvita Dozentin

Valentina Galossi is an Independent curator born in Rome (1979) and based in Berlin and Rome. She holds a B.A. in Performing Arts and a M.A. in Digital Arts, additionally a fellowship in Contemporary Art at "Palazzo delle Esposizioni". Life of artists in Berlin is the first art guide of its kind and the first art book she has written.