How to succesfully put together an Artist Statement (UdK Berlin)

Early in her/his career every artist faces the question: How can I present my work effectively to the public and to the art world? Whether you address dealers, curators, boards of funding institutions, critics or just visitors to your own website, the artist statement is the basic tool of your communication, providing information about your work and putting it into context. A good artist statement can have considerable impact on how a general audience as well as experts approach and assess your work. By providing insight into your choice of medium and material, into the message you intend to convey and the traditions you refer to, the artist statement contributes to a deeper understanding and better appreciation of your work. But putting it together is also a good way to clarify your own ideas for yourself. It gives you an opportunity, as it were, to look at your work from the outside.

Applying a do-it-yourself approach, the workshop will guide you through the sometimes challenging process of writing an artist statement. First, we will work on establishing and getting across the unique selling point (USP) of your work, the specific features and ideas that are typical of your art. In a second step we discuss aesthetic and historic points of reference of your work. The workshop group provides a friendly and welcoming space for every participant to try out her/his ideas freely and get productive feedback from her/his peers as well as the workshop leader. At the end, every participant will be presented with specific, personalized advice in terms of how to improve her/his statement.


• Introduction (What is an artist statement? Why and for which purpose do we need it?)

• Guide to writing your own statement (Dos and Don’ts)

• Discussion of best practice examples

• Participants‘ presentations

• Feedback from the workshop group

• Feedback from Ina Ross


Dr. Ina Roß

Kurzvita Dozent*in

Dr. Ina Ross teaches art management for artists and cultural entrepreneurs at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saarbrücken and the University of the Saarland. She is author of the book „How to survive as an artist?“ (in German) and various publications in international journals.


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