How to Start a career as a Freelancer Artist (in Englisch)

If you are an artist who wants to enter in the art market and establish a career as a freelancer or if you want to open an activity in the fields of Arts, this workshop is for you. “How to Start a career as a Freelancer Artist" is designed for artists - visual artists, musicians and performers - who want to pursue a sustainable career as a freelancer. In this 6-hour workshop, we will provide an overview of the core and strategic skills needed to start your career as a freelancer artist in Berlin, by exploring the following key topics:

- Registration

- Insurance

- How to get a studio

- Visa

- Selling

- Tax preparation

- Contract and Consignment agreement

We will emphasize the mindset of the professional artist and simulate effective communication with tax advisors, accountants, government offices and institutions. We will practice examples of practical tools, and a hand out will be given at the end of the course.

Kurzvita Dozent*in

Valentina Galossi is an Independent curator born in Rome (1979) and based in Berlin and Rome. She holds a B.A. in Performing Arts and a M.A. in Digital Arts, additionally a fellowship in Contemporary Art at "Palazzo delle Esposizioni". Life of artists in Berlin is the first art guide of its kind and the first art book she has written.


Dieser Workshop wird hybrid angeboten, d.h. du kannst dich für eine Teilnahme in Präsenz oder digital anmelden. Sofern es dir möglich ist, empfehlen wir dir eine Teilnahme in Präsenz im Workshopraum des CTC: Einsteinufer 43, Raum 19. Im Falle einer digitalen Teilnahme achte bitte auf eine stabile Internetverbindung und funktionstüchtige Webcam und Lautsprecher/Mikrofon, der Link wird einen Tag vorher digital angemeldeten Personen mitgeteilt.

Bitte beachtet, dass ein nachträglicher Wechsel von digitaler zu präsenter Teilnahme und umgekehrt nicht möglich ist.