Alungoo Xatan, „Don’t Flinch“ (4 part installation), 2024

Quelle: ©Jule Roehr
Quelle: ©Jule Roehr

„Don’t Flinch“

Mixed Media, unterschiedliche Größen
Envision a box.
Envision a button on this box.
Envision a warning that says do not press.
Will you press the button? Will you stick your finger into the clamp?Will you hope for it to tear through your skin?
Envision the sun.
Envision a child with a magnifying glass, you may remember 
this child as you’ve
encountered it before.
Perhaps it was even you.
Envision the sun’s heat bundling up and concentrating on a miniscule dot.
It is steadily holding the glass, the agitated energy 
increasing the heat

–    until it goes up in flames.
Envision the doctor’s office.
Personnel comes in and hands you a clipboard.
You fill in your details and where it hurts.
The doctor asks you again:
Tell me where it hurts.
Suddenly you do not know.
Envision your teenage bedroom.
You are 13 and your skin itches.
They told you a rubber band is an acceptable alternative. The thin rim around your skin. You pull it far back.
See how far you can stretch it before it snaps.
–    You let go.

Alungoo Xatan studiert Bildende Kunst in der Klasse von 
Prof. Christine Streuli. Sie ist Preisträgerin des Ursula Hanke-Förster-Preises für Bildhauerei.

Quelle: ©Jule Roehr