Basic Phase

Basic TheoryProf. Dr. Sabine SanioSound, Media, and Modern Culture: An Introduction to Sound Studies and Sonic Arts | Lecture
 Dr. Julia H. SchröderVoices | Seminar
 Jan ThobenSound Art Discourse: Positions, Perspectives, Tropes | Seminar
Basic PracticeProf. Daisuke IshidaCommunal Practice | Seminar
 Jessica EkomaneIntroduction to Max/MSP | Seminar
Basic ListeningDr. Julia H. SchröderIntroduction to Auditory Perception and Listening Experience | Lecture
 Valentin KahlListening Seminar | Seminar
Basic Audio TechKassian TroyerBasic Audio Technology | Seminar
 Lukas GrundmannHands on Sound | Workshop